Character Based Improvisation Process       5 day Workshop
Character Based Improvisations
with Rob Marchand
ZAGREB, 19-23 OCTOBER 2018

A 5 day intensive workshop for actors, directors, filmmakers and writers.

The workshop explores the Character-based Improvisation Process, a means of creating detailed, complex characters, whether working on conventional scripted material, ensemble scenes or improvised dramas –

it can be used for creating entire films from scratch as well. 

(It’s the process British director Mike Leigh uses to create his films.)


The CBI process allows actors and filmmakers greater creative freedom; it empowers and liberates: actors achieve performances that are spontaneous, immediate and truthful; directors are able to maintain a creative overview and to build on what the actor does. Both actors and filmmakers benefit from the creative partnership formed through CBI Process.

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Application process:

  1. Fill in the form below including your CV and cover letter. 

  2. After we review your application you will be offered the place in the workshop or placed on a wait list.

  3. To secure your place we will ask that you pay a non-refundable deposit 500kn.

  4. The workshop director will start correspondence with you in preparation for the workshop

  5. The balance of 2,299kn will be due buy 1st October 2018.


• Re-affirmation of the actor as artist

• Ownership of character

• Improving communication with the director

• Adding depth and complexity to performances

• Channelling spontaneity

• New perspective on texts

• Added tools when preparing for auditions


• Improving communication between actor and director

• Providing a new approach to script development

• Finessing Performance

• Demonstrating how improvisations can really deliver results

• Adding detail to scripted material

• Exploring the unexpected

• Auditions & Casting


• Adding extra dimension to script development;

Character detail to be added to the script as a result of the actor’s exploration;

• Bringing the character to life in non-scripted scenes

How to create an entire film through on-going collaboration between filmmakers and actors.

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or call Romana at 0993437340 

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